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RVN009 | Thomalla - »Imaginary Solutions«

RVN009 | Thomalla – »Imaginary Solutions«

Riotvan premiere! This EP marks the first release of an act which is not contrived in our direct commuting area. Which obviously doesn’t mean that Leipzig lacks fresh output at the moment. But these five Thomalla tracks are simply too good to leave them to another label. And either way,...
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Spinnereirundgang / Party

Spinnereirundgang / Party

RIOTVAN RADIO #29 | Oh!Henry

RIOTVAN RADIO #29 | Oh!Henry

Oh!Henry as a valuable member of the Electronic Resistance he’s bringing riots to the streets of Leipzig since more than just a while. Contrary to his bouncing style his person, more quietly and shy, isn’t on stage that often. We think without any reason…..but please judge for yourself and find out, what it’s about with...
Nº9 - Store Opening

Nº9 – Store Opening

In collaboration with Yes, Boy we open up a temporary showroom for fashion and music at the Kolonnadenstr. 9 today. Tell your friends and beloved, come along and celebrate with us the opening of Nº9. On the desks there’ll be the mighty Dahmar, in addition your favorite keep behind the bar! Starting 6 p.m. At...
RVN008 | Good Guy Mikesh - »Year Of The Horse«

RVN008 | Good Guy Mikesh – »Year Of The Horse«

Es heißt schleunigst aufzuhorchen, sobald Good Guy Mikesh neues Material auf Riotvan droppt. Auch wenn es schon eine Weile her ist, das letzte, seinerzeit noch an der Seite von Filburt auf Riotvan aufgefahrene „No Other“ klingelt immer noch als eine der unwiderlegbarsten House-Hymnen der letzten Jahre in unseren Ohren. Die aktuelle EP triggert da zwar...